Why the Electoral College? Because State and Regional Diversity Matters.


LB512 and Common Core — A Potential Threat to Local Control of Schools

Just a quick post today to call your attention to a bill in the Unicameral that’s not attracting much attention, but should.  WHEN THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE HELD A HEARING CONCERNING THIS BILL ON FEBRUARY 25TH, NO ONE SPOKE IN OPPOSITION. LB512 was introduced by Senator Jim Scheer (Dist. 19), who’s a new face in the […]

Pelosian Economics: Medicaid Expansion as Fiscal Stimulus

Supporters of LB577, the bill that would expand Medicaid in Nebraska, argue that expansion will result in an economic boom due to the infusion of approximately $3.5 billion in “free” federal tax dollars. Specifically, they predict at least $700 million annually in new economic activity, which could finance at least 10,000 new jobs annually, from […]