Primary Sources

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Links to primary source document archives in full text:

Don’t be fooled by the following list; it may be short, but the amount of material provided by these few sites is extensive!

Online Library of Liberty

Liberty Fund’s extensive collection of primary source materials focused on liberty, in full text, dating back 4,000 years and covering such topics as philosophy, economics, the law, and more.

The Avalon Project

Read original source documents; a growing list from the beginning of recorded history to the present.

Teaching American History

The Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University has established a document archive of primary source materials, along with additional information about America’s Founding. In addition to the documents, we highly recommend the site’s Special Exhibits page, which provides a great deal of information on the Constitutional Convention, Federalist / Anti-Federalist Debates, Ratification of the Constitution, and the Election of 1800.