Nebraska Groups Working with the UN to Expand Welfare

Like the cruise ship, Medicaid and other welfare programs are ALREADY struggling

By Shelli Dawdy

On December 9th, we published an article about the “Symposium on Maternal Child Health in Nebraska” convened by the National Association of Social Workers and United Nations Foundation in Omaha on September 30, 2010. As I reported, friends from Omaha arranged for a person to attend the event for the purpose of learning more about it and to collect any handouts distributed. Those friends subsequently sent me a copy of the documents, which I have uploaded to Scribd and embedded in this article, below.

The United Nations Foundation and the National Association of Social Workers are not the only entities that were involved in convening the event. Others were:

United Nations Association of the United States of America and the Business Council for the United Nations

Voices for Children

Nebraska Appleseed

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

American Civil Liberties Union Nebraska Foundation

Building Brighter Futures

Documents distributed at the Symposium includes many pages from Amnesty International.

A number of the groups listed above would, at the very least, cause raised eyebrows for many people. It’s not hard to figure out their ideology. This conglomeration of groups working together should cause alarm bells. Several of the Nebraska groups listed above have a history of regularly advocating for expansion of welfare programs and tax increases. Their nanny state policies fit quite nicely with the broader agenda of international groups who are seeking to gain a foothold to influence policy at a local level.

Health is a focus of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program, which is the overall plan for the phenomenon we’ve been reporting here called “Sustainable Development” (also see HERE).

The links provided above go directly to the United Nations’ webpages. For an explanation of Sustainable Development’s goals, visit Freedom Advocates’ “Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21″ page.

Of course this issue is tied directly to the ongoing saga of LB1110, which we’ve written about a number of times. It’s important to understand that the underlying agenda of almost every group involved with pushing for LB1110 wants to see an overall expansion of welfare programs and have long been advocates of universal health care coverage (which many of us simply call by its accurate name – socialized medicine).

Medicaid and other welfare programs in Nebraska already constitute a significant portion of the budget. Medicaid in particular has received supplemental federal funds multiple times in the past two years. Implementation of the morass that is “health care reform” will be disastrous, yet the groups involved in putting together the September Symposium and who took the message from the event’s organizers to heart, are pushing on our legislators. I have been told that there were calls to legislators regarding the need to do something about the issue of maternal health immediately following the symposium event in September. That was not the beginning nor the end of the effort.

The lion’s share of members of the Nebraska chapter of the National Association of Social Workers are employed at some level of government. In addition to the obvious agenda found in the documents distributed at the symposium, the person who attended the event confirmed that organizers and speakers advocated heavily for attendees of the symposium to put pressure on legislators to implement the agenda laid out that day. As a Nebraska taxpayer and citizen, I am scratching my head regarding how appropriate it is for government employees to take a political agenda back to their jobs handed down by an international entity. Free rights of association almost assuredly prevent prohibiting participation, but it is worth considering whether or not some form of reporting or disclosure ought to be required of government workers.

To be continued…we will be publishing additional articles on this and related subjects in the near future.

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