Under Those Sermon Subpoenas: “Disappeared” Ballot Initiatives

City Hall entrance, Houston, Texas

Subpoenas issued to a group of pastors ordering them to turn over sermons to the City of Houston made news headlines October 14. For several days, the only information I had was gleaned from a few passing references on TV and stories featured adjacent to other news I was reading. Some included a few lines […]

Collective Bargaining (CIR) Hearing Wed: Proposed Bill is NO REFORM AT ALL

People who want collective bargaining reform this legislative session need to take action. The Nebraska Legislature’s Business and Labor Committee have scheduled a hearing for today, Wednesday, April 13. Time: NOON Where: State Capitol, Room 2102 Subject: LB397 and the 64 page amendment to it, AM1116 Recommended Actions – make contacts, and if at all […]

Collective Bargaining (CIR) Shell Bill Hearing WEDNESDAY April 13

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Since the February 7 Business and Labor Committee hearing, those interested in the issue of collective bargaining and CIR (Commission on Industrial Relations) have been waiting for the contents of the shell bill introduced by Committee Chair Steve Lathrop at the beginning of the legislative session. At the end of March, details began, finally, to […]

What We Can Do To Stop Health Care: So Far It Is NOT Enough

Capitol Door

Two-thirds of Nebraskans don’t want the health care law implemented. Of that number it’s impossible to know how many realize that there is more than one way to fight its implementation. Considering the potential damage the fully implemented law would cause to the economy, quality of care, medical innovation, and individual liberty, it stands to […]

Federal Red Ink Tsunami: The Life Boats Are Within Our Reach


By Shelli Dawdy In two recent articles, I laid out what I believe to be some unfortunate truths. In Don’t Count On A Republican Congress To Save The Day I theorized there is ample evidence and information that placing all hopes on the results of November’s election is a fallacy. The title of the second, […]