Golden Oldie: Past Shows Us How Health Care OUGHT to Be

Large photo - Doc sitting on his front porch. Inset photo - Doc at his table with medicine bottles

As of Friday, nine people know the outcome of the states’ lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Congress’ inaptly named “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” a/k/a Obamacare. The Justices voted at a closed-door conference, but we won’t know what they concluded until June. They and their clerks will spend the time between now and June […]

Lies, Health Care, and Uninsure-able Statistics


On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court, heard oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of the individual mandate, the single most talked-about provision contained in the health care “reform” act passed by a deeply divided Congress in 2010. Listening to the audio and reading the transcript was a textbook example of the “echo chamber effect,” which, in […]

Individual Mandate Penalty a Tax? If YES – Then What?

The Tax Collectors, van Reymerswale, c.1540

Editor’s Note: For an overview of the health care case oral arguments at the Supreme Court, click HERE. “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” they say. Unfortunately, there’s some UNcertainty about what is, and is not, a tax at the U.S. Supreme Court, and Monday we all got a chance to listen in on […]

Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Health Care: From Outside the Chamber

"Facts of Life" by Norman Rockwell

I’ve been fascinated in listening to the oral arguments at the Supreme Court (click HERE for basic information about the argument schedule and subjects to be covered). But, I’ve also been frustrated. It’s as if I am a child, out in a corridor, listening to a conversation coming from inside a room. It’s a strange […]