Collective Bargaining (CIR) Shell Bill Hearing WEDNESDAY April 13

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Since the February 7 Business and Labor Committee hearing, those interested in the issue of collective bargaining and CIR (Commission on Industrial Relations) have been waiting for the contents of the shell bill introduced by Committee Chair Steve Lathrop at the beginning of the legislative session. At the end of March, details began, finally, to […]

Collective Bargaining Bills Make Bad Political Theater at the Unicam (CIR)

Our take on Nebraska's 'political theater'

Anyone in the mood to see a play? Well, just go down to the Unicameral and take a seat in the gallery. No need to buy a ticket. You see, if you pay taxes, you’ve already reserved your seat for this production. What’s playing? Ever heard of Waiting for Godot? It’s an absurdist play by […]

Laws and Sausages: A Day At the State Capitol

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Norlyn wrote an excellent explanation about his impressions of Nebraska’s legislative process following time spent at the State Capitol this past Monday. The visit was motivated by concern about the issues associated with the CIR and the nine bills scheduled to be heard that day. Norlyn’s article is very well written and an unfortunately accurate […]

Hearing Testimony: Collective Bargaining By NE Govt Obstructs Spending Caps (CIR)

NECapitol Balcony Reduced

Monday the Nebraska Legislature’s Business and LaborĀ  Committee convened hearings on the nine measures that propose various changes to the State’s statutes pertaining to how public employee salaries, wages, and some benefits are determined. The whole issue is being commonly referenced as “the CIR”, which is the entity that has the authority to settle disputes […]