Rush / Fluke: Name Calling For Me, But Not For Thee

Diogenes Attributed to JHW Tischbein

Rush Limbaugh’s over-the-top name calling directed at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke earlier this month has resulted in an over-the-top reaction which continues through this writing. What’s revealed by it all? It’s not about beating your opponent in a debate by making a solid, fact-based case – it’s just about beating down the people […]

NOT Suprising: Public Support Growing for Ending Collective Bargaining by Public Employees


Nebraska Senator John Nelson was a guest on DriveTime Lincoln on Wednesday to discuss measures he has introduced in the Legislature aimed at repealing the Industrial Relations and State Employee Collective Bargaining Acts and prohibiting collective bargaining by government entities in Nebraska. Since the Commission of Industrial Relations (CIR) is part of the Industrial Relations […]

Join Us Friday Night On Radio For A Sovereignty Special!

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by Shelli Dawdy 6:00pm – 8:00pm CST This Friday evening, I will be filling in as host of the Axxiom for Liberty radio show on Rule of Law Radio Network for Kaye Beach. Sitting in as my co-host for the evening will be my dear friend Sandra Crosnoe of R3publicans. We will be discussing the […]

Deserving of Darts? Jeff Fortenberry On Repealing Health Care

By Shelli Dawdy Typically the GiN “Deserving of Darts” feature articles lay out an issue and an assertion is made that some individual is indeed – deserving of a hail of darts. In this instance, I submit to you, the Nebraska citizen, tax payer, and voter, the decision regarding whether or not Nebraska’s First District […]

The CLC Gets Grizzly Tuesday, August 4: Its Time for Freedom 21

Join us on the Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly LIVE at 7pm CDT (8:00 EDT / 6:00 MDT / 5:00 PDT) Join us as we talk about the Freedom 21 Conference, which is August 13 – 15 in Oklahoma City, with a sensational slate of speakers lined up to talk about all of the issues […]