Establishment GOP to Tea Party: We’re Just Not That Into You

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This article is for any grassroots organizations who still think working with Republican leadership is the way to change the political landscape for the better: You’d have to be intentionally oblivious to be unaware that the Republican Party powers-that-be and the associated high rollers who fund the Party and the candidates it fields have a […]

Political Hacks Swarm NE: Invasion of the Bus People

Terra Wind Amphibious RV

I don’t know if everyone reading this is old enough to remember all the press about “the boat people” fleeing Vietnam in the ’70s.  According to Wikipedia, references to the boat people “came into common use during the late 1970s with the mass departure of Vietnamese refugees from Communist-controlled Vietnam, following the Vietnam War.”  Desperate […]

Tea Party Turned Three

Taxed Too Much Already

I publish this as April 15th has only a couple of hours left. I know that in most people’s minds, this date marks the third anniversary of what has come to be known as the tea party movement. I know why people think that, of course. The majority of people first heard about modern day […]

The Few . . . The Placated . . . The Occupiers

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Our December 10 article about democracy, “income inequality”, and political influences was, in part, motivated by a number of comments by Occupy Lincoln (OL) members on our site. We decided to address those comments in articles, because we believed they’d raised some issues worth writing about. Since we had already planned to point out problems […]

“Tea Party” People: See Anything Wrong With This Email?

LCGOP Where's Ben Email annotated Framed1

A snapshot of an email received by GiN’s Norlyn and forwarded to me is included below for readers’ consideration. Norlyn’s included note… “Start here. Note the ‘From’, the speakers, and the ‘paid for by’. Does anyone else see a problem here? Anyone?”   Linda and I have the same questions. What say YOU?    

The Cat’s Away — Let’s PLAY!


Shelli is away this weekend, leaving me IN CHARGE here at the GiN joint. I recall the last time I was left in charge of something this important. My brother-in-law was getting married and asked me to take his extra set of car keys and hide his car in a parking garage near the reception […]

OOPS! GiN Meeting Date Correction: Monday January 10!

GiN Watchmen Square with Meeting

I definitely make mistakes on occasion. Today I made one when a broadcast information about an upcoming meeting. My apologies to all for my error and any confusion I’ve caused. To clarify, the meeting is: Monday, January 10th 7:00pm – 8:30pm The location is in Lincoln. As explained in my original post, it doesn’t seem […]

Focusing Only On Fiscal Issues & Economy HUGE Mistake

Focusing on fiscal issues alone is a trap

This three video series lasting approximately 30 minutes is worth the watch. Speaking to a church congregation, Ann Coulter entertains with her typically cutting wit. Beyond that, however, she speaks to essentially every pressing issue of the moment and the political forces at work. In some ways Coulter’s wit is cutting because she is one […]

People Voting With Their Feet: Leaving High Tax, Union States

Washington Examiner Article - click to read

As data is being analyzed from the 2010 Census, it is becoming clear that people are voting with their feet, opting to leave high tax states. Migration from the high tax to low tax states is resulting in shifts within Congress, as The Washington Examiner article, below, reports. Nebraskans might find it interesting to note […]

Election Is Over – Now What? State Sovereignty! Join Us Tonight 6pm On Radio

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Join an outstanding line-up of guests for an evening all about State Sovereignty! TONIGHT 6:00PM – 8:00PM CST Rule of Law Radio Network – click *HERE* to listen live online I’ll be sitting in for Kaye Beach on the Axxiom for Liberty show tonight. Election Euphoria? Or the Beginning of the Beginning? Although the election […]