Increasing Executive Power: Progressively Making Congress Irrelevant

Branches of US federal government under constitution

Author’s Note: This article was originally drafted in mid-June, before the debt ceiling debacle even began to unfold.  I have revised parts of the article to reflect events which have occurred in the interim, but I want to point out that the deal Congress just passed with respect to the debt ceiling is yet another […]

Are the Elected Officials of Nebraska Dealing with Reality?


As we complete our analysis of the amendment introduced by Business and Labor Committee Chair, Senator Steve Lathrop, what we’ve found in it during the first full sweep makes us ask the question… Where are our elected officials’ heads? Apparently, Senator Lathrop, and his “working group”, all see the world far differently from that which […]

Collective Bargaining (CIR) Shell Bill Hearing WEDNESDAY April 13

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Since the February 7 Business and Labor Committee hearing, those interested in the issue of collective bargaining and CIR (Commission on Industrial Relations) have been waiting for the contents of the shell bill introduced by Committee Chair Steve Lathrop at the beginning of the legislative session. At the end of March, details began, finally, to […]

More Democrats on the Lam! Running From Another Union Bill

Running Man Framed

Indiana House Democrats have apparently joined their Wisconsin brothers “on the lam.”  They’ve fled their state to avoid voting on several bills their party characterizes as “anti-union”, including a bill that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  Right to work states do not require employees to join a union when their workplace is […]

NOT Suprising: Public Support Growing for Ending Collective Bargaining by Public Employees


Nebraska Senator John Nelson was a guest on DriveTime Lincoln on Wednesday to discuss measures he has introduced in the Legislature aimed at repealing the Industrial Relations and State Employee Collective Bargaining Acts and prohibiting collective bargaining by government entities in Nebraska. Since the Commission of Industrial Relations (CIR) is part of the Industrial Relations […]

In the News: Week of September 4-10, 2009

Across the Country HEALTH CARE: Doctor Shortage Will Worsen Health Bill Impact By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann; September 9, 2009 Why Organized Labor Supports Government Health Care By James Sherk; September 4, 2009 Obama Health-Care Speech Bingo By Jim Geraghty; September 8, 2009 100 Stories of Personal Struggles with the Health Care System You […]